Airtight Sliding Doors

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Airtight Sliding Doors

The Record SEALCORD allows the controlled exchange of air, thus preventing foreign particles from entering sensitive zones. The door provides a hermetic seal between clean rooms and other areas, and is thus widely used in quarantine stations, to name just one possible application. Suitable for all critical areas, the Record SEALCORD sliding door resists pressures of up to 100 Nm on the outside, and 400 Nm on the other side!

Suitable for hygienic areas or rooms with adjustable inside pressure, for example:

  • Operating theatres in hospitals and clinics
  • Research and laboratory rooms
  • Pharmaceutical production facilities
  • Quarantine stations
  • Clean rooms for the production of foodstuffs
  • Rooms designed to prevent the spread of strong-smelling vapours or pungent smells
  • High-tech production facilities requiring clean rooms
Uses and benefits
  • Allows the exchange of air to be controlled
  • Prevents foreign particles from entering
  • Saves energy
  • Electro-mechanical locking; manual rod lock for individual access
  • Medical earthing S3
  • Observation window
  • Internally fitted, electrically adjustable blinds
  • Model also available with radiation and laser protection