Burglar Resistant Sliding Doors

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Effective Burglar Protection

Burglar Resistant Sliding Doors

The Record SAFECORD is equipped with the following features to meet your security requirements:

  • Record MPV multipoint locking
  • special laminated safety glass
  • heavy-duty running gear
  • massively reinforced door construction
  • extended floor guides
Integrating the Record SAFECORD into a building control system can further enhance the level of security. Any tampering with the door immediately triggers an alarm to alert security personnel. As the SAFECORD door effectively resists would-be burglars, security staff has sufficient time to take the necessary action.

Ideal for entrances or areas with heightened security requirements, for example the following:
  • jewellery outlets, retail stores, markets, shopping centres
  • banks, savings companies, post offices
  • sensitive industrial zones such as laboratories, R&D or IT areas
  • chemists shops, drug stores in hospitals
Uses and Benefits
  • presents an invisible, effective barrier to burglars, which can be an advantage in insurance issues
  • tested in line with RC 2 norms and requirements
  • communication module enabling networking with in-house building control systems
  • optical locking display (OVA)