Record Bus Sensors 290

The new Record bus sensor technology communicates with you, enabling precise adjustment of field size and sensitivity. An integrated assistant makes individual or multiple sensor programming easy, reducing lengthy commissioning and adjustment to a minimum. Irritating self-triggering is eliminated, as previously programmed door movements are continually suppressed. You can monitor closing edges using suitable presence detectors or install protective panels to eliminate the risk of collision.

We also supply a special range of accessories and equipment featuring unity of design, high level of recognition value, outstanding trigger capability and operational reliability, as well as optimal security and safety. Monitoring of door area is by active infra red sensor and light curtain, ensuring stationary people do not become trapped. It goes without saying that record supplies a range of upgrades for existing door installations which is itself constantly under revision.

Innovative Record sensor technology ensures door systems are both convenient and safe.

  • Precise, automatic adjustment of field size and sensitivity
  • Automatically adjusts to local requirements
  • Optimised time delay (beneficial in air-conditioned rooms)
  • Immune against temperature differentials, mobile phones, interference from radio and other wave systems
  • Eliminates self-triggering
  • Triggers irrespective of approach speed
  • Fulfils DIN 18650 and all required international norms
  • Developed and produced by record
  • Simple, menu-led commissioning
  • Available in both surface-mounted and built-in versions
  • Suitable for use in escape and rescue routes