DFA In-ground Swing Drive

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DFA In-ground Swing Drive

Invisible operator provides proven power

The new Record C127 under-floor swing door operator provides yet another application for the tried and tested DFA127 family of products. This new operator combines the experience, skill and reliable technology of the record brand. Thanks to its modular construction and ability to fit existing doors, the Record C127 is amazingly flexible and can be used for the widest possible range of applications. Exceptionally quiet in operation yet highly dynamic, even heavy doors of up to 400 kilos can be easily moved.

This hidden drive provides the most demanding architect with a greater freedom of design.This easy to maintain system is located in the floor and if required can be covered by the flooring itself, thus harmoniously blending into the entrance area. The operator also serves as the lower door bearing, and moves the door leaf using a swinging arm.

The control located in the operator housing can be connected with safety sensors using existing cable routings; sensors are fitted to one or both sides of the door leaf, and move with it. The operator features integrated end stops, making floor fitted doorstoppers unnecessary. Sealed against dirt and liquids in line with IP67 norms and standards allows practically unlimited daily use; puddles of water, rain or fluid from floor cleaning machines present no problem for the C127 under floor unit.The Record C127 under floor operator works with single, double framed or frameless doors. Operating modes can be conveniently selected using the BDE-D electronic remote control unit. The LCD display features background lighting and provides you with clear, easy-to-read information about the door status in the language of your choice.