DFA Overhead Swing Drive

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DFA 127 Brochure
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DFA Overhead Swing Drive

Suitable for many public areas but chiefly for applications inside buildings, as follows:

  • To provide helpful solutions for the disabled in blocks of flats, hospitals and homes for the elderly
  • For administration and office buildings
  • For public transport buildings
  • For restaurants and hotels
Uses and benefits
The Record swinging door operator features refined technology, compact design and practically silent operation. The DFA 127 is Record’s first swing door operator that can be used as the basis for a wide variety of swing door applications

  • Can be used as automatic door control system to provide fire and smoke protection
  • Extendable with master-slave function (two overlapping door leaves)
  • Available in both FULL POWER or LOW ENERGY models
  • Operator also available as INVERS, FIRE and in-ground models