Escape Route Systems

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Escape Route Systems

Record SCAPECORD RED (redundant version)
The ideal model for escape routes, the redundant sliding door ensures maximum safety at all times thanks to its security-relevant operator components, each of which is backed up with redundant systems, and permanently monitored. In case any security-relevant component should malfunction, or power failure occur by day, an emergency back-up battery ensures normal functioning is always possible. An operator lock prevents unauthorised opening during nights.

Record SCAPECORD BAT (electrical)
This system features electrical power storage unit, which is regularly checked for functionality, and ensures the door opens one time during power failures. During nights, a lock prevents unauthorised persons from entering the building.

Record SCAPECORD CO48 (mechanical)
This model features a mechanical power storage unit (CO48) which ensures the door opens one time during power failures, when it opens the door immediately. During nights, a lock also prevents unauthorised persons from opening the door.

Automatic sliding doors for use in escape and rescue routes, suitable for both inside and outside buildings, as follows:

  • public transport buildings
  • hospitals, clinics, old peoples’ homes
  • markets, retail outlets and shopping centres
  • administration and office buildings
  • restaurants and hotels
  • industrial buildings
Uses and benefits
  • door automation with integrated safety features
  • reliable safety even in emergencies
  • guaranteed to open during power failures