One-way Access Systems

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One-way Access Systems

The Record FlipFlow range of products is designed to control the flow of people at airports and other sensitive areas inside buildings. Generally, people pass through one-way access systems one at a time and in one direction only. The Record FlipFlow prevents unauthorised access from public areas to restricted zones. Any attempt to cross FlipFlows in the unauthorised direction is recognized by an intelligent sensor system and triggers an alarm.

Applications Enables safe, efficient, user-friendly separation of monitored areas and public zones. Typical applications include airside/landside separation at airports as well as transit zones to restricted areas. record FlipFlows can be used:

  • at airports
  • to protect sensitive areas in ports and railway stations
  • to control access to public buildings (e.g. museums) or industrial buildings
  • to control side entrances in supermarkets
Uses and benefits
The best choice to control the flow of people requiring a high level of security. Compact size; modern, attractive, see-though design; also suitable for the disabled.


FlipFlow TWIN BASIC / TWIN INTERLOCK (for enhanced security)
  • functions as an airside/ landside barrier
  • module to enhance performance available
  • high-performance interlock function
effectively eliminates the possibility of third parties passing through, or handing over objects through interlock

FlipFlow SINGLE (for discrete security)
  • functions as a barrier between two zones inside the airport building
  • security personnel can keep an eye on the installation at all times
  • a further option is volumetric monitoring of stationary objects
FlipFlow WIDE (for enhanced convenience)
  • Ideal for Customs entrances
  • security personnel are in the immediate vicinity
  • reduced level of security compared with Twin FlipFlow models