Revolving Doors

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Architecture and Automatic Doors

Revolving Doors

The revolving door is available with two, three or four leaves, is technically flawless and fulfils all the latest security and safety standards. This model is made to your requirements to provide the perfect entrance, and will enhance the look of any building. Diameters of up to six metres or more are possible.

This model blends perfectly into the architecture of any building, giving your entrance that special touch. Especially recommended wherever drafts, dirt, dust and noise need to be controlled, for example, in:

  • banks, insurance companies
  • office headquarters of authorities,important organisations
  • industrial plants, administration buildings
  • retail outlets
  • hotels, catering
  • hospitals, nursing homes Blasi - Member of recorg group
  • railway stations, airports
Uses and benefits
  • prevents drafts, dirt and dust from entering
  • provides unimpeded access for pedestrians
  • low noise
  • optimal energy savings
  • two-leaf revolving door installation with integrated automatic sliding doors
  • escape route with swivelling door leaves
  • integrated show case
  • operator located under floor (invisible)
  • available in all glass finish
  • controller to reduce revolving speed
  • night lock
  • other options