Telescopic Sliding Doors

Telescopic Sliding Doors

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Telescopic sliding doors

This elegant automatic sliding door makes any entrance special, and enables particularly large opening widths. Available as single or two-leaf models, with either two or four sliding door leaves. Complete installation available in lightweight record profiles, or in heavy-duty insulated glass.

Applications The ideal choice as the representative entrance for your company or enterprise. Particularly suited to hotels, restaurants, hospitals and airports.

  • Well suited to special retail outlets such as jewellery and watch shops, bespoke fashion stores and opticians.
Uses and benefits
  • 30 % more opening width for the same amount of space (in comparison to linear sliding doors)
  • faster opening
  • smooth, low-noise operation
  • gives any entrance that special touch
  • model also available for use in escape and rescue routes
  • can be fitted with a range of security features
  • available with side panels and fan lights
  • conforms to DIN 18650
  • other options