Digital Display

Digital displays combined with digital content can have positive impact on a business. Providing information to your customers that is relevant and useful. Reducing the need for paper-based content and ensuring your business is ecofriendly.

With the Hendricks Solutions digital display system, you can provide:

  • Static Content
  • Video Content
  • Schedule a playlist of information
  • Weather by location
  • RSS Feed
  • Specific messaging
  • Scrolling message
  • Date and Time
  • Incorporate Queue Management Information.

We make it simple for you to upload and manage your content on our cloud based application.
  • Maximise Screen Utlisation – Enhance your media offering to your patients and customers, provide relevant information.
  • Ease of Use – No complicated set up, easy to use. Add content, schedule content by the day or the hour. Don’t worry about updating content in real time.