Room Occupancy and
Display Management

Space within any organisation is now at a premium, you require an effective tool that manages your resources such as Meeting Rooms, Offices and Desks.

With our easy to use cloud-based application, it’s easy to set-up your resources and individuals who will be occupying the space.

Booking the space out, couldn’t be simpler, you select the resource, time, date and length and then allocate to the individual. You can book same day, in advance or undertake reoccurring bookings.

Provided within the application is an overview screen so that you can see the bookings for the day.

To enhance the solution and improve the way finding for colleagues and staff, you can display the information of the bookings on a screen. When rooms are not utilised you can display content or use the screen to help with way finding which means that you are using the asset for multiple purposes.

This all helps with the reducing hesitation time to the meeting rooms and improving efficiency.
  • Operational Improvement – Reduction in time to book a resource and understand its true availability.

  • Ease of use – By making the solution easy to use, adoption of the solution is greater.

  • Professional Image – Enhance your image to your patients, colleagues and customers.