Santa Q

Visiting Santa during the festivities is a significant memory for all the family and it’s an important time of year for you as a business.

With the Santa Q solution provided by J&C Hendrick, we keep the process fair, we keep customers informed and we provide time back for your customers to enjoy their shopping experience.

Santa Q is an easy streamlined process, your customer checks themselves in by inputting their mobile number and how many family members wish to see Santa. The customer gets a confirmation text to confirm they are in a process and it will text them again 30 minutes before to inform your customer to make their way back to the location.

  • 75% Reduction in physical wait time – By introducing Santa Q, it removes linear queuing and the wait time becomes virtual.

  • 10% Increase in Sales – By removing the linear queuing within the store, customers browse and purchase.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience – By providing time back to the family, stress is reduced because there is no physical queue, which means that everyone enjoys the shopping experience and seeing Santa in one day.