Head of Queue

Head of Queue, a solution designed back in the 90’s for Post Office and embraced by many Retail and Finance organisations today.

By having combined till banks and a defined payment area, it provides significant space back to your organisation for product.

When introducing a Head of Queue solution, you streamline the customer flow to the payment area, customers understand the process, colleagues save their voice to have more meaningful conversations with customers.

When deployed correctly, it can have a significant impact on Wait Times.

Combine this with In Queue Merchandising, you get increased sales through impulse purchasing.
  • 25% Reduction in Wait Times – Wait times significantly decrease with Electronic Call Forwarding.

  • Increased Productivity – With a Head of Queue solution, you gain increased productivity and colleagues can serve more customers.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience – By having a clear process and a defined solution. Customers feel more relaxed, knowing that service is just around the corner.